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Her appearances on various TV shows led to her first prime-time role as Tiffany Malloy on the sitcom Unhappily Ever After, which ran on the WB 1995–1999.

Oh well like chris rock said a man is only as fathfully as his options. It's also said the best looking comic gets far less ass then the worst looking musician. Nice.*sigh* I got a letter in the mail from her (or at least her people) today saying something like "your request to date Ms Cox has been denied in favor of some guy from SNL and Last Comic Standing"// is now depressed Jay Mohr is a cool dude.This was pretty much when he was first starting out. Spent many an hour watching her on her first TV show, and Remember seeing her first where she ( as a very young kid, ) was on a TV commercial - typing on a computer and stuttering. Her scene was one of the girls Robert patrick was asking 'where John Connor was.' She looked like, 14 in that movie.Mohr wasn't in town for 24 hours and left with this little tease's cherry. Funny, today I was just wondering why the show, "Action ! That was a real funny show, only lasted 13 episodes.She began acting at the age of 10, making appearances in several movies and guest-starring on shows such as Baywatch, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Mama's Family, Eerie, Indiana, and Blossom.She also starred in General Hospital from 1993 to 1995, and had a recurring role on the Saturday morning program California Dreams.

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The last time he filed for divorce in July he wanted full custody of their child, as he claimed the Las Vegas actress suffers from depression and that her self-medication has led to a 'serious' drug problem that puts their boy at risk.

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